Signed copy of "Victoria's Most Haunted"

  • Signed copy of "Victoria's Most Haunted"

Please note that for the duration of Turducken, all copies of Ian's book will be signed by Ian but personalizations (ie adding your name to the dedication) will have to be done by Brennan

Beautiful, charming Victoria is world renowned for its seaside attractions, flourishing gardens, and breathtaking ocean views. But looming behind its picture-perfect façade is a city shrouded in mystery, with restless, disembodied beings that whisper ghastly tales of mystery, violence, and horror.

"A well-told ghost story is always a treat, and Ian Gibbs is a master storyteller. Ian's debut collection is a terrific addition to the ghost story genre; clearly the paranormal is in this man's blood. Victoria's Most Haunted is chock full of spooky, thought-provoking tales that take the reader on a tour through time and place to a side of Victoria known by few, offering us a glimpse of the city just beyond the veil. Ranging from poignant to downright scary, these accounts will cast your perspective of staid old Victoria in an entirely new light."
- Barbara Smith, author of Campfire Stories of Western Canada

"I swear I have read this book."
- Brennan